Seattle and Whistler Trip

This was a snowboarding expedition trip up to Vancouver/Whistler with Gil/Jaz back in 2007.

Day 1

First stop was visiting Vancouver and pay a visit to Gil’s family at Vancouver’s best HK dim sum restaurant!

Next, Grouse Mountain was next to get an awesome scenic view of Vancouver. Highly recommend The Grouse Grind for the more excite hikers out there! 😛

The day ends with dinner with another set of Gil’s relatives. Nothing beats a home cook meal before more exploring the next day!

Day 2

Robson St is the next stop in exploring Vancouver. It’s a great place to walk and explore all the shops and cafes of Vancouver. But first, Blenz Coffee gave us our caffeine kick to run about and try Vancouvers eats!

Then off to Whistler we go to teach Gil and Jaz how to snowboard for the first time! 🙂

Despite the worst snow season for Whistler in 13 years, Gil and Jaz actually made a lot progress! Can’t wait for the next time!

Day 3

Time to head back to Seattle, but only after visiting Gil’s relatives for the final send off lunch!

Upon getting back to Seattle, we feasted on some delicious seafood that Seattle has to offer! Yum!

Day 4

Next day, we visit Pike Place Market, the original starbucks shop, Space Needle, the off to SeaTac to go home.

Special thanks for Gil’s relatives (Marvin and Brian) for the hook up for great foods and showing us around the beautiful city of Vancouver!

Jeff’s Sky Diving Video

Special thanks goes to Skydance Skydiving out in Davis, CA for an unforgettable sky diving experience. We flew up to 10,000 ft above sea level and experienced about 30 seconds of free fall before deploying the parachutes.

Word of advice to people looking to skydive:

  1. Don’t wear glasses; Wear contact lenses! I was grabbing my glasses because the wind velocity can easily rip them off your face
  2. Be prepared to get a super wedgy when the parachutes deploy!
  3. Paying extra for a videographer is well worth it! Highly recommend!

Enjoy the quick video!

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